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Stockholm Girls Photo

Stockholm is the Swedish national seat of government, the Reichstag, and the official residence of the Swedish monarch and the prime minister.

Stockholm Beautiful Girls Photo

The old town, Gamla Stan, is a small compact maze of cobblestone streets, apparently built for short people, thin, very strong ankles. The stucco walls of its buildings in red, orange and vanilla exhausted fall toward each other in many souvenir shops and ice, while the crowns of the Royal Palace of the small island. Just south of Gamla Stan is an island nearby.

Stockholm Beautiful Girls Photo

Stockholm is the capital of Sweden. The town consists of 14 islands connected by 50 bridges around the lake Mälaren, which flows into the Baltic Sea and provides an archipelago of about 24,000 islands and islets.

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Stockholm Beautiful Girls Photo

Swedish fashion has a lot of international success in recent years. Many labels have their own stores in Stockholm, so take the opportunity to discover Swedish fashion in its birthplace environment.A fashion is a great success worldwide, with a modern and innovative jeans collection as a game.

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